What is SuperNET's track record in finishing its projects?

The previously mentioned Multiwallet and MultiGateway has been finished and fully working for two years. InstantDEX was working on the command line level, but because of external factors it has gone through some heavy changes since then.

Iguana has been working for some time now, and today there are only bug fixes left. A Iguana GUI is being developed and a release is expected to arrive before the Komodo ICO begins.

Komodo is build on top of Iguana and thus many of the hard problems are already solved. For privacy technology Komodo will use the Zcash’s open source technology. For these reasons the mainnet is ready to launch as early as December (a few weeks after the ICO). The new funds from the ICO will also be used to hire more C developers to help jl777 and accelerate development in the course of 2017.

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