Why there is no real photos of the dev team on your website? The use of real pictures would boost your project's credibility further.

We are aware of that. However because part of our team is anonymous - including our lead developer - we all decided to not use full names & photos.

Knowing the identity of the developers doesn't guarantee success. What we believe to be important is the track record behind a name (real or pseudonym). In our case jl777 has over the years demonstrated his capability and determination to carry on with his projects and plans. The roadmap might have changed, but the overall long term goal has been the same. He has not abandoned his projects and has stayed responsible to his past investors.

Like previously explained, SuperNET has successfully developed a multiwallet and MultiGateway on top of the NXT platform. The NXT and SuperNET communities have used those service for 1-2 year and trust in its authenticity. Projects and cases like this should convince people about jl777's credibility more than an official passport picture ever could.

On top of these the SuperNET has a lot of open source code behind it, that anyone can inspect. jl777 has already began the Komodo development process, and we encourage everyone to follow it and ask any questions that comes to mind!

Open Source code in GitHub:

Iguana - github.com/jl777/SuperNET

Komodo - github.com/jl777/komodo

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