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What happens if Bitcoin or ZCash change value X, Y or Z?

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You said that you will never build on a platform you have no control on (ie: NXT) but is not BTC and ZCash out of your control?

1) What happens if btc transaction fees become large?

2) Or BTC changes in a way that is disasterous to your project?

3) Or z cash fails to deliver a working product, or zcash delays their

launch, or zcash who can read this thread sees you as a competitor and

seeks to throw a monkey wrench in your launch somehow.

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1) & 2):

"The bitcoin protocol is documented and not anything that can just be changed by one dev declaring it changed, like happened in NXT. The often contentious BTC world has the advantage that change is much slower.

Fee increases are factored in and why this ICO, but even at the lower end of funds raised, I can reduce the costs by increasing the delay. There is a parameter of "Delay Minutes", which determines how long after a new BTC block comes in that the notary transaction is submitted. The smaller this, is the more frequently we get notarized, which reduces the delay for BTC protection, but increases the cost.

So the fallback plan is to increase Delay Minutes to fit within the budgeted amount.

Now if some blackswan event makes bitcoin go insane and unusable, well, there is always other very strong chains, so I would find the most stable and secure one and use it for the notarization recording.

As far as zcash goes, it is a large open source project with a lot of very good devs. Having interacted with them during the alpha stage I dont see them making changes other than what is required for security reasons and if that is the case, komodo is well served to adopt it.

Another point to note is that iguana now works with over a dozen coins. natively, doing parallel sync with them. zcash is one of these and it is a key component for komodo, but iguana is still the platform. So the dPoW layer will be built on top of iguana API (custom extensions I will create) and the iguana will interface with the bitcoin and zcashd components."


"zcash already has a working product! Granted it is being security reviewed for flaws, but it is working. Of course for the GUI purists it is totally unfinished as it wont have a GUI for a while, but I speak of the zkp (zero knowledge proof) logic and having it mapped to the bitcoin transaction model. Quite an achievement already. Of course a delay is possible, but I dont expect there to be any prolonged delay.

Now I certainly hope zcash doesnt view komodo as a competitor. It is an open source project and we will be doing a GUI that I hope the zcash team can use. Also, ZEC is a mined coin, komodo is dPoW so I really dont see how there is much overlap between the two from a non-technical point. I estimate the market price for ZEC to be very high compared to komodo, so it will be similar to LTC's silver to BTC's gold situation. komodo price will be in sub-dollar range. ZEC price I have to imagine will be $10 to $100+, especially at first.

If komodo is a massive success that will give zcash a lot of exposure by necessity. I was also in discussions about donating the 5% staking by the zkp funds to the zcash devs, as I couldnt figure out a way how to get anymore than aggregate amounts in the zkp form, it is that strong a privacy. So if the zcash team would accept this, then we wouldnt just be a project that forked zcash, we would be contributing back GUI, publicity and also some komodo"